Monday, September 12, 2011

Ohh , GOD !

Someone told me to stop crying because of these life fact .

Always crying when i wake up . She's not by my side anymore .

I want to hug her tightly like this to release all this pain with her .

My question foe this entry :


piccione blu said...


Miss Lisz said...

why you ? you penah rasakan saatsaat ini ?

piccione blu said...

yupp..kekadang macam merintih sikit..dosakan..huhu

S'kor D'Red said...

Past is must goes on..jgn pendam masalah..stress is a silent killer..

Izlynn Lynn :) said...
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Miss Lisz said...

yeah . i'll foe that . now im with my new life kan . Berikan semangat anda yea buat lisz :)

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