Friday, September 30, 2011

Today ...

Hello to all my peeps .
How long already ta update belog kan kan ?
So busy lahh sehh .
So , this belog beruk still not updated yet .
Apa story baru ? 
Next entry bila free lisz akan update oke .

i'll going to Port Klang , Selangor today with Toyota Wish .
Playing netball for MMHE there with K'Mira and K'Azie .
Calling calling for those yang staying there .
Wish me luck !

I''ll be missing you my someone :(
i'm felt so sad to leave you alone . hahaha .

Mom , cepat balik ! Imiss you so badly sehh !

and i'll do to love all my dearest friends and peeps !

Byebye :)

My question to all :
Ada new job as a Safety Admin at Seri Kembangan . Hows ?
Pergi atau pun tidak ?

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