Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just for your info :

MISC Netball Tournament at Port Klang , Selangor on 1 -3rd October 2011 . We are not the winner , but just only at Second Place with 7-6 score stated with Jabatan Laut Selangor and the third place are come from ALAM , Melaka . Congratulations to the all participants including our team from Johor . There is no picture to upload . Just view at my Muka Buku , '' Laurel Lesly Lisz '' as a display name above . The day was so enjoyed much . Best damn thing ! I want more and more !

On these December , kena standby untuk bermain mewakili MMHE , Petronas Tournament . One week training at Bangi nanty . But macamna dengan kerja ? Taktahu lahh sehh . Tapi yang pasti Lisz akan tetap pergi jugak . hehehehe .

* Si Keding Syukur . dah beli apa yang dah di deal that day ? Bila na bagi ? hehehehe . Actually , lisz ta buy apa-apa taw . But nty lisz bagy saguhati . Boleh kan keding ? Bukan lupa tapi ta berkesempatan lahh .

* 3days ta meet him . I miss him so much . But at the same time , dia buat Lisz sedey ! My Mr.Cina Bukit , do you miss me ?
* Nice to meet you Tengku Azhani , my new partner . I love both of them !

Tahu tak ?
I love to playing netball so much !


S'kor D'Red said...

Of course la bli..

Miss Lisz said...
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