Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mouth Operation

Hello to all my dearest peeps here .
Have you got a nice day to day ?
I wishing you all a very nity night oke . Sleep well oke .

9.50 till 11.30 i'm in mouth operation room (Pakar Bedah Mulut) at Hospital Sultan Ismail Johor Bharu today . It was so pained much than expected . Tak boleh tahan sepanjang operation sebab jadi sedar sakit yang teramat sangat . Only God know what i'm feel during the operation .

I'll share to you about this later . Now , just can only drink some of water and can't doing anything either eat or talk to others . Just tahan dan sembuh dengan secepatnya . Pray foe me yeah my lovely peeps .

Thank you so much to my cute HearBeat Emma Malina bt Md.Yunos sebab berada disisi saya sepanjang operation and sudi na jaga Lisz yang sakit nehh . Everything she did to me untuk kesenangan Lisz . I'm the lucky one kan peeps ? Thank you so much sayang and i love you so much dak comott !

My dearest BFF zulfakar dan Syukur si keding , i miss you so much !
3 hari MC ta pegy keje nanty . Take care oke kawan .

My TTM Sai , hope that everything oke dekat laot sana yea .
I miss you .

My cute peeps Shiera , thanks foe your support .
I'm being happy ada friends yang macam awk even kita ta kenal kan .
Stay be friend with me forever oke dear ?

I love you all peeps espeacially my Mushy .
I miss you all peeps espeacially my Mushy .


sHieRa cAkAp said...

Alhamdulillah dah selamat... rehat ok..jaga diri... we'll always b friends walaupun tak pernah bertemu..

Miss Lisz said...

Alhamdulillah selamat shiera . Yeah , sedang berehat dan senantiasa jaga diri jugak yea . YEah , totally friends forever !

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