Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Offline foe a long day maybe .

Mouth Operation coming soon .

Hello to everyone , especially to my lovely peeps . 
Hope that everything gonna be okay yeah .

Lisz will in Mouth Operation these week on 15th December 2011 ( Thursday ) .
Sangat takut dan menyeramkan oke . Tank buad pon ada kott .
Tapi kalo ta buat makan apa pon sakit lagi . Ta tahan dan ta sanggup oke .
* Another one day left . Haishhh !

Im so tired then . Sleep the better way to rest without any disturbing from others .
Talk to me if you need something or to talk for .

i'll offline foe a long time maybe till i'm feel free to online back .
I'll miss you all guys and my cuties peeps !

Good Night and sleep well yeah .
Don't forget your meal .

Hope that i'll more strong than before to face all of these life fact .

I like ''Got To Go'' songs !
Its just foe you babe . Hear that !
Foe sure you will like it like me .

Smile always like me oke .

Byebye babe .


sHieRa cAkAp said...

Be strong girl...

Nurul Izlynn said...
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