Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yeppie , NLEY Back !

Nurul Lizainy dan Emma Malina Yunos here .

We're going back together again . hahahaha . Did you believe ? Anyone get negative jealous with us ? hahaha . Go to hell lahh ! Do i care ? Thats my own choosen oke . She the best one and i want her seumur hidupku . hehehe . Wish me happy being with her back and no more complicated between us . Alright everyone ?

To Mushy :
Thank you so so much . I love you so freakin damn . I miss you so badly .
I want you , i need you forever . You'll be mine everlasting . Foe sure !
Can i sayang ?


sHieRa cAkAp said...

congrats to both of u.. Hope berkekalan selamanya...

Miss Lisz said...

Thank you you . I hope so . Happyhappy selalu yea Cik Shiera Cakap . hehehe .

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