Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm so fucken confused !

So many things running through my mind . I don't what to think , what to feel . I just keep replaying the memories over and over , always afraid they're going to fade away and every time , my heart flutters as if i'm there . I'm only disappointed when i come back to reality and remember . It's already happened and these are just memories once again . What do i do now ?

I need some time off for myself . I'm so confused . About everything . I don't know who to talk to .

I really want to love somebody . I do . I just don't know if its possible forever and ever .
As i has been posting to my Facebook wall just now .

Macam-macam yang Lisz fikirkan untuk hidup nehh . Friends , help me . Give me an idea please . Hoping that Lisz dapat selesaikannya dengan cara yang baik dan orang lain dapat menerimanya dengan tabah dan sabar . Just accept me for who i am friends .

I want to buy new big house but still in searching foe the better one . My friends complaining that Lisz langsung dah tank join member-member , hangout or lepaking with them . Cit-cat and other else . I'm so sorry much my friends . I doesn't mean it . Bila free insyAllah Lisz will spent my time with you all okay .

Adakah ini sebab nak jaga hati dan perasaan orang yang tersayang ? I don't know lahh . Maybe are the best answer . I'm just only can quite and keep it . Only God know what i'm feel and i can't explain it to you .

I haven't cried in awhile , i guess it was about time i did . Why do i let this bother me still , it really shouldn't have that much , but i don't know i just let myself be happy and optimistic and it ends up just making me sad in the end .

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all .
Love makes life so confusing , but would you want to live without it ?

The whole day today was so tired much . Tonight have Futsal Friendly at Sports Prima on 8.15 pm .
I'm still not in the mood at all . Give me the spirit ! That's all .

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