Sunday, May 27, 2012

Late Posting .

Birthday songs first :
Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to My Mushy , Happy Birthday to you !

For my girlfrie , who helped me define my life , your birthday is an exclusive day for me to let you know that I Love you . To see you happy on your birthday is all I desire . I hope you get whatever you wish for . May you get success in all you do . May your birthday remind you of yesterday's stories , today's fortune and tomorrow's dreams . May God bless you on this special day . I hope we stay together , forever . InsyAllah .

Birthday present dah dapat kan ? I apologize for only giving you a gift a pair of Nike Gato futsal shoes and a Casio watch . That's all i can give . I'm so happy much to see you wear that things . Thank you sebab hargai dan menggunakannya walaupun ianya tidak seberapa pun .

Again , semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki . Dua hari jadi mangsa tepung dan pelbagai jenis air oleh budak-budak tempat kerja and Greater's 8 futsal players on night birthday . Hahahaha , BEST ! 

Happy Birthday sweet 23rd my lovely :B

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