Sunday, May 6, 2012

She is the one !

Okay , this is my last entry untuk kali nehh . Look at the picture below . Ouchh ! Awesome . She’s only can be my Heartbeat , Miss Emma Malina binti Md.Yunos | Mushy . I spent all my life time just only to be with her . I do to think , to experience and to be nice as a best ever partner to her .

Sayang , hear this songs lyrics :

Let me tell you that I love you and i never wanna wrong you ,
Take my hand baby , come go through with me .
Let me tell you that  i miss you and i never wanna lose you ,
You’re my heart baby , my life is incomplete without you .
Please be mine forever .

This is special just only foe you sayang . Suka duka Lisz bersama dia . Lisz sentiasa doakan kejayaan , keselamatan , kesihatan dan segalanya yang baik-baik untuk dia yang tersayang . Tiada lagi insane lain yang sehebat dan standing dia hadapi kerenah , sikap dan diri Lisz yang serba kekurangan dan buruk nehh  . I’ll love you until my last breathe sayang . I don’t care what will other people say . This is not your life , respect me who i am . Thank you !

Good Night peeps . Sweet well and sweet dream J

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