Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My '' ANNI '' Day


Oh My dear Emma Malina Md Yunos (Mushy) ,

May every hour of every day be blessed with shining gift of joy . 
A dream to share together , A memory thats forever , A promise that ''the best'' is yet to come . 
May your future bring more of the same and your love remain strong and true .

No one else would understand our relationship ,
and no one else in this world understand me the way you do .
You are truly a blessing from God .

In our anniversary , i want you to know that you're still the one who is everything . 

I could ever hope for the one I love with all my heart and soul .

Thank you for being my partner , spouse , lover and friend sayang .

Anni date : 19th June 2012 .

We know each other start from 2005 until now with so many rintangan dan dugaan . Haha .
Keep stay forever and everlasting yeah !

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding invitations

From left : Effa , Adek Lynn , Sweety mom , ME , Adek Eyqa and Abg Adeff .

Peace be upon you guys . Hihi . Look at picture above . Cumil-cumil mereka kan . Termasuk Lisz . Cewahh ! Angkat bakul sendiri nampak . Hahaha . Just kidding . Lisz wore green Baju Kurung sebab tema wedding nehh hijau . Konon nak sama lahh kan . This time kami-kami nehh dijemput datang ke Majlis Perkhawinan abg Miss Emma Malina tuh . Abang dia dan pasangannya yang bernama Jijie . Sis Jijie look so beautiful taw . Gambar dgn pengantin tiada sebab taktahu dekat siapa gambar tuh . 

Harap kalau ada pon confirm Lisz dah upload taw . Hihi . Cik Emma Malina kita tuh kan wore baju kurung serta bertudung taw . Manis lahh hai dia masa tuh . Tak percaya boleh tengok sendiri bila-bila . Dekat FB pon ada . Manis + cumil taw .

To pengantin baru Abg Zarlie dan Sis Jijie yang cantik :

Selamat Pengantin Baru yea . Semoga jodoh berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu . Must be strong dalam apa jua keadaan taw . Congratulations bro and sis !
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